Linda & John Mazur

Parents, Authors,  Advocates. WNY Comprehensive Care Center ​for Eating Disorders Community Advisory Board Members 

Linda & John are dedicated to helping people learn about eating disorders & addiction by erasing the stigma.
​They are passionate about raising awareness through sharing their daughter Emilee’s journey.  

It is their hope that the proceeds from their book will help create a gathering space in Rochester, NY
separate from the medical community that provides support for those suffering from eating disorders. 

They are committed to breaking out of the ED world & spreading awareness on a global level
​​to medical communities, insurance industries & treatment centers. 

Our book, Emilee-The Story of a Girl and Her Family Hijacked by Anorexia is being used at Columbia Teachers College as required reading, class discussion, and a paper for psychology and nutrition students.

“I will include this poignant memoir in all future courses and highly recommend this book to professional educators and clinicians alike. I have been teaching a graduate course on eating disorders for several decades. During this time, I have witnessed many changes in the field — diagnostic criteria, practice guidelines, treatment settings, evidence-based therapies, and the healthcare system, to name a few. What has not changed, however, is the pain, suffering, and hopelessness that many patients and their families endure throughout the course of treatment. As an educator, I have sought to leave students with a lasting impression of the physical, emotional, and financial impact of these disorders. This past semester I assigned,  Emilee-The Story of a Girl and Her Family Hijacked by Anorexia by Linda Mazur and John Mazur, as required reading, a paper, and a class discussion. Across the board, students commented that Emilee’s story has touched them in a meaningful way and will likely influence their future clinical practice. One student wrote that “reading  Emilee was an eye-opening and heartbreaking experience for me, as both a reader and a trainee clinician.” Another commented that “As an aspiring clinical psychologist, I am always interested to learn about how people experience their lives, how they suffer, and how they make sense of that suffering.  Emilee provided valuable insights into all of those psychological experiences.” Lastly, “I will take Emilee’s story with me as I continue my journey in this field.” There is no doubt that the inclusion of  Emilee greatly enriched my class this semester.”

Janet Schebendach, Ph.D., RD
Associate Professor, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, NY, NY

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